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Ideal Athlete Chiropractic offers a complete line of chiropractic, rehabilitation and wellness services. Explore our site and learn how I can help you get better faster, stay better longer, and reach new heights in health and fitness.


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     Dr. Mulholland specializes in performance-based chiropractic and chronic pain management.  My progressive approach uniquely utilizes strength and conditioning movements, nutritional counseling, joint mobilizations, and cutting-edge manual therapy to achieve superior athletic and functional outcomes.  My patients and athletes recover quicker, enjoy greater fitness, and are empowered to manage and avoid future injury and dysfunction.

     You shouldn’t need to see your chiropractor every week for the rest of your life….


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Running Analysis


At the heart of what I do is functional movement. The ability of the body to move efficiently is central to being able to perform at your best and stay injury free. Running is a skill and most people have not been taught how to run. Through my unique assessment and teaching methods, I have developed the ability to help individuals of all levels and from all sports.

     Based on your objectives and what you are trying to achieve, I use:


  • High-Definition Video Treadmill Analysis
  • Running Technique Drills
  • 3-D Digital Foot Scanning
  • Movement Screening

  • Step-by-Step Coaching
  • Personalized Exercise Recommendations
  • Custom Strength & Mobility Drills
  • Guidance and Motivation

     Another key function of my Running Analysis program is helping people get back to full fitness after injury or surgery.


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Public Speaking


     I have years of international public speaking experience and am always willing to speak on any topic I feel passionate and knowledgeable about.

     I am comfortable and qualified to speak on a wide range of subjects in the fields of nutrition, sports injuries, performance enhancement, ergonomics, reducing workplace injuries, biomechanics, and strength training.

     So, if you are a University, High School, sports team, or company, please don’t hesitate in getting in touch with me!  I will be happy to develop an entertaining and educational presentation for you and your group.


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Athlete & Team Coverage


     Are you an elite athlete or high-level sports team looking for an experienced sports chiropractor to help you improve performance and decrease your chance of injury?

     I have 15+ years of working with some of the best athletes and teams in the world.  I have personally treated and trained over 100 Olympians and professional athletes.

     I’ve had the pleasure of working with dozens of Olympic medal winners and World Champions.  I’ve treated athletes at the Olympic Games, Paralympic Games, and multiple World Championship Events in a number of different summer and winter sports.

     I have spent the last several years traveling the globe, fixing athletes and improving performance.  I am available to travel anywhere in the world to meet your needs.


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